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Based on the stable-performance and reliable quality products, our company serves clients through the principle of "quality and service first, credit and customer first as well.”

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Shenzhen Linsn Technology Development Co., Ltd. founded in 2000, is committed to developing and manufacturing high-tech products with tailor-made services. The company has a solid base of technology and has powerful strength in large variety of fields: LED display, Net-work technology, Computer software, Multimedia technology, digital terminal products, Net-work communication, Auto-control, etc. Especially in the aspects of the hardcore of LED display technology--control system, no matter software or hardware both have become the actual criteria of the industry.


Linsn LED control system includes: full-color synchronism, full-color light decoration, full-color asynchronism, double-color synchronism, double-color asynchronism etc. The system has been adopted by hundreds of domestic LED factories, and it becomes the first choice. Besides, it has being exported overseas by large amount.

The matching software of the Linsn LED control system---LED Studio, is highly praised by the users. Now there are editions diverse languages available, such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, and so on. And Japanese and Russian editions are coming.

Company has occupied board part of the market and is firmly trusted by the customers. It is because our products have stable-performance, credible quality, and high Quality-to-Price ratio; because we follows the tent that “Quality for most, Service for most, Credit for most and Customer for top”; because we have flexible method of development, manufacture and distribution. We will continually produce better and more updated products. And as always, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high quality and perfect LED products and services. We hold everybody's hand, to develop the LED industry of China, and also the world.

We hope to serve you wholeheartedly, welcome your condescending to inquire




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