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Listing Date: 2017-09-19


1. It has all functions of 8th and 9th generation receiver cardsand it is completely compatible with them;

2. Supports 24-group parallel RGB data output mode

 3. Supports 64-group serial data output mode

4. Realizes high refresh and high gray level effect

5. Supports general driver IC and PWM IC

6. Supports any typeof scan within 32 scan, and supports 595 and other serial decoding scan

7. Supports brightness and color pixel-by-pixel calibration

8. Maximum supports 1024X256 pixels

  9. Supports 12-bit HDMI colors input (requires the 9th generation sending card)

10. Use 18-bit signal processor, maximum supporting 18-bit (260,000) greyscale (each of red, green and blue)

  11. Supports single-card color space conversion

12. Supports configuration file read back

  13. Supports pixel fault detection (requires a dedicated chip)

14. Supports hot backup with dual receiver cards, dual power supplier, etc.

15. RoHS compliant

16. CE-EMC compliant


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