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Listing Date: 2014-09-12


RV902H/952H is upgraded from the 8th generation system RV802. Designed specifically for led lighting decoration and led curtain, which require small size for easy installation. Compared with RV901H, RV902H/952H is of small size and with different output interfaces. RV902H/952H has all other functions of RV802/806, besides, RV902H/952H is added the following fRV902H/952Honality:

1. support 12-bit HDMI colors input (required the 9th generation sending card)

2. using18-bit signal processor, maximum support 18-bit (260,000) gray (each of red, green and blue)

3. Single card maximum supports 1024X256 pixels, and 1024 grades single pixel chromaticity correction

4. Supports single-card color space conversion

5. Support program replication

6. Supports hot backup with dual receiver cards for demanding performances screen

7. Supports pixel fault detection (requires a dedicated chip support)

8. Support network cable BER test

9. Support flat cable fault detection

10. Support the cabinet-door monitoring (open/close)

11. Two lines fan-speed monitoring

12. Three lines Voltage monitoring: one for the system, two for cabinet power

13. Temperature monitoring

14. Humidity monitoring (humidity sensor sold separately)

15. Smoke monitoring (smoke module sold separately)

16. In line with EU standards CE-EMC

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