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Listing Date: 2017-09-19


1.Has all the functions of the 9th generation receiving card

2.Single card supports 8 groups of RGB parallel-data signal, 16 groups of serial-data output and 4 way clock signal

3.Supports high refresh rate and high gray scale(up to 65536 level)

4.Supports general chip, PWM chip and other common Led driver ICs

5.Supports any type of scanning mode(within 32) and serial decode scanning mode that uses 74HC595 and so on

6.Supports brightness and color pixel-by-pixel calibration

7.Single card supports up to 2560 pixels; on static scanning mode, the refresh rate can reach to 6000HZ; brightness can be adjusted manually

8.Supports single-card color space conversion;

9.Supports configuration file read-back

10.Requires only one twisted pair in Cat5e cable to convey signal, thus video signal and power can transfer with only one cable

11. Irregular led screen configuration: position of one card can be set as needed, and image driving by one card can be rotated in four directions

12. Supports 100Mbps signal hot-backup

13.Circuits of LED panel and SOM card can be integrated on one section, which is easy for repairing and saving money for after-sales service

14. Compliant with RoHS

15.Compliant with CE-EMC: with a totally enclosed shielding case, the card can prevent electromagnetic interference, and pass EMC test easily; a small size provides a better condition for water proof design.


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