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1) Dual USB ports;2) One audio output;3) Supports 16-bit grayscale;4) Supports 16-grade brightness manual adjustment;5) Supports brightness auto-adjustment(requires multifunction board);6) Supports WIFI network connection;7) Supports internet connection;8) Supports up to 64GB storage expansion with TF card;9) Supports upto 1280*1024(1440*900), 1920*680 pixels with two network ports.
1) One Audio signal input;2) One DVI video signal input;3) One HDMI video signal input;4) Supports 4K video source input;5) Supports RCG file read-back function;6) Supports RCG file broadcasting function;7) Supports CON file broadcasting function;8) Supports 12bit/10bit/8bit video input;9) Supports 16bit grey scale;10) With four network output ports, supportscommon video source, like 2560x1024, 1920x1200, 2048x1152, etc;11) Supported video format:RGB, YCrCB4:2:2, YCrCb4:4:4;12) Supports cascade function;13) Supports brightness auto-adjustment (requires light sensor).
• Supports up to 2.6 million pixels• Supports up to 3840 pixels in width• Supports up to 1920 pixels in height• Supports 16 level brightness adjustment
1.901 Sending card including: TS901 (Full color) and DS901 (Double color)2.Full color sending card supports full color, double color and single color led screen3.Double color sending card supports double color and single color led screen4.901 sending card max support 2048*640, and support customized resolution5.Support configuration file (.RCG) broadcasting function6.Replacing receiving card without resending .RCG file7.Support display connection file (.CON) broadcasting function8.Replacing receiving card without resending .CON file9.Support HDMI input, support HDMI format HD video input (such as from DVD player)10.Support zoom in/out11.Can put whole computer LCD monitor content on LED screen with zoom in/out function
1. 802 sending card including full-color sending card TS802 and dual-color sending card DS802.Full-color sending card supports full-color, dual-color and single color led displayDual-color sending card supports dual-color and single color led display.2. 802 sending card max supports 2048*6403. Supporting display mode: 640*480  800*600  1024*768  1280*768  1280*800 1280*1024 1440*900  1440*1080  1600*1200 1680*1050  1728*1296  1920*1080  1920*1200  2048*1152  20...
1. 852 sending card including full-color sending card TS852 and dual-color sending card DS852. Full-color sending card supports full-color, dual-color and single color led display Dual-color sending card supports dual-color and single color led display. 2. 852 sending card max supports 2048*640 3. Supporting display mode: 640*480  800*600  1024*768  1280*768  1280*800 1280*1024 1440*900  1440*1080  1600*1200 1680*1050  1728*1296  1920*1080  1920*1200  2048*1152  2048*1280 4. Audio Transmission Function 802 sending card sends audio data using network cable, and Function board outputs audio signals to the display. Double 24bits 64KHZ hi-fi digital signal to analog signal or analog signal to digital signal, making display have the perfect...
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